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Citizens of Illinois looking for a dedicated firm with professional experience in personal injury law need look no further than Makarone Law Firm. Anyone who has been severely injured because of the careless, negligent or reckless actions of another person can be confident in knowing they are getting the best lawyers possible who will vigorously represent them and fight for them. Our firm specializes in helping anyone who has been injured in a personal injury and we help our clients win maximum amount as compensation after an accident.

Many people are surprised at how complex personal injury law can be. They find out very quickly once forced to navigate the legal system and deal with insurance companies after an accident. Insurance companies are concerned about their stakeholders and want to make sure they lose as little money as possible. This means that they can get very creative when attempting to avoid settling the claim by awarding the rightful amount in a personal injury claim.

For your protections and peace of mind, it is crucial that you work with an experienced injury lawyer in Illinois, who is able to help you win compensation regardless of which part of the state you live. We treat our clients with compassion recognizing how traumatic a personal injury can be. We’re even willing to come to you if your injury has impacted your mobility.

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Motor Vehicle Accidents

At Makarone Law Firm, we recommend that you contact us as soon as possible to begin your injury claim ... Know more

Motorcycle Accidents

Makarone Law Firm is a firm dedicated to fighting for the rights of victims while treating those impacted ... Know more

Pedestrian Accidents

We specialize in pedestrian collisions and have the training and the experience to navigate the maze of filing ... Know more

Slip and Fall Accidents

When you work with Makarone Law Firm, we can ensure that we will maximize your claim you need to pay for your recovery ... Know more

Dog Bites

The dog bites and attacks can sometimes cause mental and physical injuries to the victim that was attacked .... Know more

Orthopedic Injuries

Determining compensation for orthopedic injuries is one of the more complex types of personal injury suits .... Know more

Compensation for Personal Injury

At Makarone Law Firm, our extensive support team fight to make sure our clients are protected when they find themselves in a difficult situation. We make sure that whatever hoops an insurance company requires clients to jump through are taken care of. This means we work with you to make sure that there are all evidences necessary to maximize a claim of all your expenses. We also provide you with necessary support including emotional support in order to help you get through this difficult time in your life.

Those who have been injured by the negligent, careless or reckless behavior of another person my qualify to receive compensation. Our firm is highly experienced in representing accidental injury cases of a variety of forms including motorcycle accidents, vehicle accidents, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, product liability injuries and public transit accidents.

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It is important to speak with one of our experienced lawyers for more information. They will look over the details of your case, evaluate the merits of it and determine if you are entitled for damages. Additionally, if needed our lawyers can file for damages on your behalf against the at-fault party.
Legally, you can do that but it is not a recommended decision to take as injury claims aren’t easy to handle on your own. Litigating an injury claim requires a certain level of legal education and experience which most individuals lack. If you have large claim at stake, it is best to call Makarone Law Firm and let one of our lawyers handle it for you. There is no reason to put your compensation at risk and lose it, due to lack of legal knowledge or counsel.
In case you were injured in an auto accident, you can file for PIP or Personal Injury Protection. While if you were injured at a workplace related accident, you are eligible for disability benefits. Let one of our lawyers from Makarone Law Firm discuss your concerns and answer your queries, so you have a better understanding about it.

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